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Autumn sunrise walk in the New Forest.

Such a delightful morning for a sunrise walk.

The warming sun beamed in the bright blue sky and almost held its breath as it dived behind "cotton wool" clouds before bursting through with a breath of energy back into the clear sky. This dappled sun and shade gave tones and sparkles to the forest that otherwise would go unnoticed.

It is a time for colour with pops of red edging the rides as berry's of hawthorn, whitebeam, rowan and bramble decorate the foliage and the ground sways in the warm tones of heather complimented by bright jewels of yellow from the dwarf gorse and autumn hawkbit standing so small and delicate, but so vivid! Bracken is starting to turn which adds another layer to mother natures paint palette whilst amongst the autumnal forest, ponies graze. Some with tail cuts from their recent "round up" and still a little on their toes just in case of the sound of shod hooves and bellowing riders.

Bucks still herd together surely only for a matter of days now before they turn on one another for the right to breed with any chosen hind.

The forest is quiet once again as the world returns to work and education and the trees gently shimmer their canopies before the imminent farewell to the dominant greens as the sap retreats to the roots and the autumnal colours take centre stage 🍂🌳

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