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Autumn embellishments.

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Went for a walk in the autumn sunshine this afternoon with my little buddy Fifi.

It was a stunning walk in the autumnal golden light. The forest carpet is damp underfoot which makes our footsteps quieter. The quietness in sound is replaced with the sight of loud colours of green, browns oranges and gold, which are embellished with pearly white fungi.

Conkers look unwelcoming in their green spiky coats of armour

Until they burst out in their highly polished suits, so tactile in their deliciously brown shell.

I picked one up and carried it in my hand the rest of our walk, connecting me even closer to nature.

Contrast of colours are a feast for the eyes in the October offerings.

And the views were clear over Emery Down village

Our peaceful wandering through the beech trees and oaks which are starting to draw the water back down to the roots and preparing for their 'red carpet' outfit before bearing all for the chilly months ahead, was made even more wondrous by the grazing deer, snuffling and snorting pigs who constantly communicate with one another through small grunts and squeals without even lifting their heads from gobbling up the autumn feast, as well as the cheeky donkeys basking in the afternoon light. 💜

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