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Animal Reiki in the New Forest.

Animal Reiki is something close to my heart as I have spent my life surrounded by them and always felt a deep connection. Although I mostly get calls regarding dogs and horses,I am often contacted about the more unusual pet. Just last week I visited a turkey and recently sent Reiki to my mum's very poorly goldfish, who is now happily swimming upright again! I have performed Reiki on pet sheep,tortoises, chickens, ducks and even a lizard to name a few. I even send Reiki to my garden birds and the woodland creatures....

...But why wouldn't I?? They all feel pain, they all suffer grief, fear and anxiety and they can can all heal and be happy.

One thing that is common amongst domestic animals is, when I get a call to arrange a time to visit, I set an intention for that animal and use distant Reiki to pick up on their energy and vibration.This may not be for long but almost gives me a snippet of what to expect from the animal. After doing this, more often than not, I get greeted like a long lost friend when I am lucky enough to meet my new client (whatever they may be.) The only explanation I have for this, is that the animal experienced the connection too and quite often the Reiki has already got to work. This just reinforces my belief that animals don't react to what we say or do, but react to our energy and vibration as they are so much more intuitive than us.I always say to people, if you are unsure about Reiki, watch me work with an animal. They can't lie!

So whatever your animal, if you feel you it could use some help feel free to contact me or go to the link to find out more about animal reiki.

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