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Ancestral healing

So many family conflicts and old ancestral wounds coming to a head right now. I have had some distressed clients in the last week coming for energy healing along with hearing similar from people around me. This is partly the energetic vibration we are in at the moment forcing people into a situation of "up, out and let go!" It may feel tough now, but hold on, do some self care, protect your energy and stay grounded. These things are clearing to make way for beautiful and more positive energy to drop in.

If you are struggling with family conflict whether in the present or past and wanting to resolve or let go. Do some inner child work. (This is also beneficial if you are grieving for a family member) This can be done by one of the many guided inner child meditations found online, and writing a letter to your inner child. Take a look at an old photo and take yourself back to that time. Write down how you felt and what you really wanted to do/say but was suppressed. Or write a letter to your parent/caregiver but don't send it! Just be brutally honest in your wording. This will unburden you and allow you to reflect how it is affecting your adult life.

Then PLAY!! Do what you loved to do as a child. Climb a tree, run around the garden, do your best kitchen dancing! Just shake up that energy as you release from your ancestral line.

If you want to go a step further... do some root chakra healing. This is where we hold all our childhood woundings or have an energy healing session. I offer ancestral line cord cutting (sounds drastic!) But really not. It has been proven that we can carry up to 300 years of ancestral trauma as it leaves a chemical mark on our genes, so if your Great Grandmother nearly drowned at sea, there is a chance you will have an irrational fear of water without even ever meeting or knowing anything about your Great Grandmother.

When cutting cords I simply set an intention of Cord cutting to heighten the vibration of the participant and allow the body to heal from a different frequency, therefore adjusting the chemical and mindset which enhances freedom from ancestral traumas and allows you to be the difference by breaking the ancestral chain.

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