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A wander at Burley iron age hillfort.

While working in Burley this morning, I couldn't miss the opportunity to walk in the bright sunshine, so, as soon as I was done I pulled on my boots and set off. I didn't have a route in mind, I just wandered where my spirit pulled me and I found myself heading away from the half-term bustle of Burley and up to the iron age hill fort.

These quite lanes embraced by ancient oaks naturally slowed my pace while catching glimpses of views across Burley beacon between properties and trees. This was where the Bisterne dragon once resided, but now this land is quietly grazed by fallow deer, safe from the breath of fire.

At the first opportunity, I wandered through the trees at coffins holms into the burst of sapphire skies and sundrenched gorse to admire the view across Kingston Great common and the purbecks beyond. Whilst sunning my face I consider the origins of the name 'coffins holms' as there is a real shift of energy as I near the hillfort?

Finally, reaching the hillfort embankment, I wandered the edge and squeezed through the gorse to catch another glimpse of the view towards Smugglers Road and unintentionally disturbed an adder basking in the sun, just catching a glimpse of its tail as it disappeared under the furze. Heading back into the woodland that grows on this site, oak trees dominate and grow at angles to utilise the embankment. Woodland ponds reflect the stunning blue skies and butchers broom features heavily in this ancient landscape.

I sat in the sun and absorbed my surroundings for a while and watched a wren busy on the forest floor. Robins are already collecting nesting materials and a pony wandered in to take a drink from the woodland watering hole.

Heading back to the bustle of the village, I felt filled with joy as nature and the winter sun had pressed my 'reset button'. But too nice to leave just yet, so I took a wander up to the church, passed by the wagon ride and glanced across to Burley Manor.

The Churchyard is full of snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses, and as I mindfully walked between them, a bench in the sun invited me to sit.

In my stillness, I watched bumblebees feed from the snowdrops, red admiral butterflies warm their wings on the bark of trees and had a close encounter with two bank voles, who were too busy feeding and flirting to notice they were right at my feet.

What a perfect start to the week!

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