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A moment to pause in the forest.

The forest was calling today!

I headed out into the frosty landscape squinting into the low sun. The contrast of temperature wandering between the sun and the shade was dramatic almost tempted to peel off my coat before stepping into the shadows of the trees then firmly re-adjusting my zip around my scarf.

The forest was quiet from human noise today... I needed this and nature answered my prayers.

Along my walk I was drawn to a perfectly cut stump basked in winter sun and with no time restraint and agenda I accepted the invite to sit and open my flask of warm coffee. Before I knew it 20 minutes had passed as I admired the landscape and finally peeled off my jacket in the warmth of the direct sun. Just sounds of nature until I had company....

.. But it was welcomed; a red admiral butterfly had been awoken by the warming sun and landed on my flask. Being so close, I had the decision to make.... should I rummage in my pocket for my phone to take a photo for you all to admire or should I take this moment for myself?

.... Sorry, I took the latter! But very glad I did as me and my fluttery new friend took what we needed from the winter sun. Butterfly, wings spread against a tree, me face up to the sun on a perfectly formed stump we enjoyed this moment together and immersed ourselves in nature. So much so, that sika deer wandered into sight and weirdly I went completely unnoticed in my bright blue jacket while caught up in the energy and spirit of the forest. A queen bee bumbled past looking for a nest site while me and my butterfly embraced our surroundings. It was only with a greater spotted woodpecker coming into sight and spiralling round a tree catching my attention that kicked me halfway out of my meditative state as he hammered the top of the bare tree and my beautifully, delicate winged friend took a gentle flight. I stayed for a moment long enough for the deer to roam out of sight before venturing onto a path of purpose.

I will leave those untaken pictures to your imagination 💜

Have a great weekend folks!

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