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A land locked in time

Wandering through one of my favourite woodlands this afternoon, when I step into here the land feels locked in a time when things were slower, and the land was honoured. It's where the animals graze and shade and where few people tread in the fear of getting lost. But in here losing myself is something I welcome. Not literally, but mindfully. I can walk and rest here for hours on end. I have solved many a problem sat in the embrace of these ancient boughs and wilderness.

I truely feel this woodland is choosey about who it invites in as it is often somewhere people avoid due to its unkempt manner and damp woodland ground, which swallows your footprints before they can take hold, and that is its magic! It wipes any sign of footpath and encourages you to create a relationship with the trees, because you have to know who is who to navigate your entry and exit successfully.

I am an honoured soul to be invited in with a heart full of love for this wild space, and today I walked with no destination in mind. It was just time deepening my relationship with this land. The damp earth smell and mossy branches sucked me into the woodland and I felt the urge to take time and to sit and breathe while I melted into the landscape.

My favourite place to sit is always in the energy of ancient trees, and there is plenty to choose from here. But once again, you know when you are invited because certain trees will offer you a seat. Quietly I sat and listened to the circling buzzard and started to notice how alive this decaying woodland is. Acorns were randomly dropped from trees as the squirrels chose their cache and a mouse darted out from the leaf litter and into a mossy log which made me chuckle.

Two nearby holly trees were locked in an eternal kiss and muntjac meandered the woodland with no idea I was watching.

Ponies started moving into shades, and suddenly, I was joined in my moment of rest and awe by a mare and her foal as they joined me within the energy of the ancient boughs.

They stood in a meditive state gently swishing tails against each others faces to deter the flies and I sat in a meditive state in the embrace, the safety and the power of fauna and flora as we enjoyed our moment of existence together.

I won't be revealing where, but from the pictures... if you know, you know, which means you must have had an invite too.

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